Redmond Petting Farm

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 The Tashunka programs continue to develop and change as we are exposed to new and exciting ideas. In general the programs stay close to their original intention and mission, but may be improved upon as the program continues to expand. Each of the programs listed below have been specially designed to help participants become well rounded and knowledgeable horseman. As you read through the various programs it will become apparent that there are a lot of things that someone can do with a horse. Participants are not required to participate in all of the programs, but are recommended to take part in as much as they realistically can. Be sure to look through each program, and check out all of the various options that are available from each. Some programs do have requirements for participation set at certain stages of the students development.

Join us for your next birthday party, and have an event that is sure to bring stories and memories for years to come.

Check out our neat variety of half day, full day, and overnight camps.  We offer unique custom camps for kids and adults from 5 years of age and up.

Petting Farm
Bring the family, bring your friends, pack a picnic, come out and spend some time on the farm! Hours are limited, so be sure to check our schedule and rates!